Services We Offer

  • Lawn Mowing
    The core of what we do. It’s done right, with a clean, groomed look, that includes trimming, edging, and thorough cleanup. 

  • Weed Control
    Aids in preventing and minimizing unwanted and invasive weeds.

  • Lawn Treatments 
    Provides protection and improvement with 3, 4, and 5 stage options that include fertilization, pest control, disease and fungus treatment. 

  • Aeration
    Help roots to grow deeply and produces a stronger, more healthy lawn.

  • Overseeding
    Helps to restore bare spots, remove patchy areas, and improve lawn density.

Contact us for your no-cost, customized quote and see what Premier Lawns can do for you!

    The Premier Way always includes:

    Thorough Clean-Up
    We finish your yard with clearing and blowing cut grass from sidewalks, driveways, flower beds and all the places it doesn’t belong. We even pick up trash!

    Professional Service
    We provide a crew that is experienced, polite, diligent, and focused. We will respect your yard, your possessions, and your personal life with a first-class service you can trust.

    Customized Care
    We design our care around your needs. Yards have different sizes and shapes, and homeowners have unique lives and schedules. We fit your yard’s specific needs.