Premier Lawns is a full-service mowing company that has been servicing the Southern Indiana and Northern Kentucky area for the past five years. Together our team has over 25 years of experience in the lawn and landscape business. We are a family-owned and family-oriented company aimed at providing amazing lawns and happy customers. 

Greggory Cline-Owner

Greggory was born and raised in Madison and throughout childhood was surrounded with the outdoors whether that be through helping his grandpa farm or outdoor games with his fifteen cousins.  His love for mowing yards and landscaping came about from helping his uncles with their lawn care businesses from the time he was in middle school. The goal for Greggory is to always make the yards and landscapes he takes care of look the best in the neighborhood.  One of Greggory’s favorite things about owning this company is the landscape projects he gets to take on. There is something that gives you great satisfaction when you have a drab landscape and you’re able to turn it all around and give the house a whole new look. 

Shaye Cline-Office Manager

Shaye is the wife of Greggory and mother to their two children. Shaye has a bachelor’s degree in nursing and a minor in business. Shaye loves doing the clerical work of the business and the flexibility it gives to still spend time with the kids.

Josh Cline-Turf Specialist

Josh has lived in Madison his whole life and is the father of Greggory. In the past Josh has done farmwork with his dad and brother and worked in construction for many years. Josh is very knowledgeable on how to treat, fertilize, and maintain yards. He is looking forward to working with his family.

Julio Angel-Crew Member

Julio has been a family friend for many years and in the past worked in farming. Julio loves to work outside and is a very hard worker. This is Julios first season working for our team and we are excited to see what he brings!

Nick Wyne-Crew Leader

Nick grew up in the Hanover area and  has been a loyal employee of Premier Lawns and Landscapes for the past three years. Nick’s favorite part of working for our company is the freedom of working outside and making people’s yards look great!